CARF International
The organization offers well defined services that are strength based and recovery oriented.
Mrs. Lattakka is very concerned and was there for my child.
CARF International
The organization has caring and dedicated staff members whose focus is oriented on enhancing the lives of the persons served.
CARF International
CDS, demonstrates a commitment to quality and a willingness to improve services and operations!
CARF International
The organization enjoys a good reputation in the community and maintains positive working relationships with community agencies and other service partners.
CARF International
The facilities are well maintained and provide a warm and inviting environment for the person served.
Rob C.
The team tries to get to know my youth and they could relate to him.
Marcia J.
The time the team spent with my child made a huge difference in his life.
CARF International
The staff is dedicated to the person served, extremely competent, and professional.
CARF International
Support staff members are enthusiastic, energetic and dedicated to assisting the organization in it's mission.
Wanda L.
My child has changed for the better at school and at home. Thank you Ms.Connie, Mrs.Freda and Mrs.Pass-Turner for everything.
Stephen W.
Communication, skill building, and anger management was very helpful.
Sandy F.
Loved the convenience of the team coming to the house and working around our busy schedules.